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OpenSim Tutorials

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How to get started in OpenSim


A. Instructions on how to join OpenSim.


Video tutorials 



The following 'How-to' video tutorials help you with getting to know OpenSim using Firestorm


Get Voice working in Firestorm


Making a Profile in Firestorm



The video explains how to add avatars to your contacts


This video deals with different types of communications: IM, Local Chat or Call





The video explains how to create and use landmarks to move easily and quickly


This video shows how to choose the part of the day by the sun position







Get Voice working in Firestorm https://youtu.be/MJ7Ah0pTjy0  
Making a Profile in Firestorm https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R72akmniJyBAxN1w2j2NjqT2eRD_BdL_uU5yvDvt8QU
Communication IM local chat and Call in OS Firestorm viewer



Making Friends in Firestorm


Covered in Above doc
Making and Using Landmarks in Firestorm


Controlling the light in Firestorm


Using the Mini map in Firestorm


Sharing Resources with students or colleagues


Turning up the volume of an individual Avatar in Firestorm


Moving around Guinevere Island







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