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Immersive Week 3

Page history last edited by Helena Galani 3 years, 8 months ago

Week 3

27 January - 02 February 2020


Moderators: Shelwyn Corrigan, Laura Jeffcoat, Helena Galani, Karelia Kondor and Dr. Randall Sadler


Live Session 3.1:  Tuesday, 28 January 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST (Recording) Dogme garden informal meeting with Dennis

Live Session 3.2:  Thursday, 30 January 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST  (Recording) Randall showcases holodecks on EduNation and takes us to Virtlantis, 

and Helena shows her SL house, selective holodeck scenes, in-world books and modifiable bots for NPCs that are used in the environment of Second Life. 

Live Session 3.3:  Sunday, 2 January 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST (Recording) SPECIAL Barbara McQueen showcases Edutopia 2 


Second Life - LearnIt Town

We look forward to hearing from one of the oldest language schools in Second Life LearnIt Town, where regular courses take place. 

During another session we will visit EduNation, look at the holodecks and visit Virtlantis in Second Life.


Second Life - EduNation/ Virtlantis



Session 1:


In the first class we were led through Dogme gardens and paused for an instructive chat with our host, Dennis Newson (Osna)


(Recording) Dogme garden informal meeting with Dennis






Some possibly helpful landmarks:




Caledon is free for everyone to visit and has an active public library that hosts talks, exhibits, and other events.  The Caledon libraries are wonderful places to explore different ways of sharing information in Second Life. 


Wellsian Library, Caledon, Second Life







Edunation requires that members have registered.  This keeps it a safer environment and helps avoid griefers.  Request Heike (and 


EduNation Communal Area 



Education Community Portal

Teleport to major educational places in Second Life



EduNation I Sandbox 



EduNation, ErlinaAzure's (Helena Galani's) retreat





LearnIt Town is a language school. 


To enroll as a student costs $1,300 in Lindens for one week ($51.49 per week at current exchange rate)



and $24,500 Lindens per month ($95.72 US at current exchange rate)





our host Dogme host and instructor, Dennis Newson (Osna)


Dennis's wonderful tower for contemplation and retreat


Session 2: Cruising around EduNation I & III


Today, we looked at further affordances Second Life offers (e.g. holodecks, HUDs, bots, scripts) and at examples of how these are used in language teaching. 


For more information on how to create machinima for language teaching, MachinEVO and CAMELOT project provide a plethora of resources for thorough training.


 (Recording) Randall showcases holodecks on EduNation and takes us to Virtlantis, and Helena shows her SL house, selective holodeck scenes, in-world books and

modifiable bots for NPCs that are used in the environment of Second Life.



Cruising around tropical language teaching islands on EduNation, on Randall's hovercraft with Heike, Helena and Alicja.





'Thermopylae' in Helena Galani's holodeck (teacher creativity for History, balneotherapy, CLIL)





'Egypt with Erofyli' (with Torley's sky preset: BIG SUN - Good for warm sailing), for CLIL - in Helena's holodeck




NPCs (Non-Player Characters) & NLGs (Natural Language Generation), AI/Chatbots: Nobody, Coco the parrot and 'Baby Dragon'

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