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Immersive Week 4

Page history last edited by Heike Philp 4 years, 3 months ago

03 February  - 09 February 2020 


Live sessions:

Live Session 4.1:  CoSpaces Tuesday, 04 February 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST (Recording) Iain Cook-Bonney from Tahuna Intermediate School in NewZealand showcased CoSpaces, an app/ desktop solution which allows users to collaborate during creation of 3D environments. 

Live Session 4.2:  World of Warcraft: Thursday, 06 February 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST (Recording - beginning was edited due to tech issues!) with Dr. Cynthia Calongne. An amazing presentation clearly showing how game play aids learning anything from communication to digital skills. 

Live Session 4.3: Minecraft: Sunday, 09 February 2020 at 8pm GMT/ 12pm PST with Carol. 


Moderators: Heike Philp


CoSpaces - Iain Cook-Bonney from Tahuna Intermediate School in NewZealand

World of Warcraft  - Lyr Lobo (Dr. Cynthia Calogne)

Minecraft Dakotah and Carol to tour (GUINEVERE, Hindervall) MinecraftMOOC





CoSpaces EDU



Co-spaces is the easiest to use when it comes to creating and editing 3D spaces. It runs on any device, mobile, tablet, PC, browser and - have I mentioned this before? - it is very easy to use. The free basic version entitles you to invite up to 29 students, create 2 CoSpaces, create 1 class, 1 assignment and upload up to 10 external files. AND Coding with basic CoBlocks is also possible. This is such a cool app! There is a free version for 1 teacher and up to 29 students. In the paid version there is even a plug-in for MERGE Cubes making this the only virtual world which also be used as an AR Augmented Reality enabled 3D space. 



World of Warcraft in School 




Minecraft (work in progress)


  1. Guinevere Minecraft server 

Start /warp stores if time. Look around and at the houses etc)


Move on to: /warp 3pigs

Very young children -  work based on fairy tales - all in creative mode to build

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • 3 Little Pigs - Italian children learning English through stories /warp 3pigs2

  • Hansel and Gretel / warp hansel2


Thinking about language learning for older children

/warp spaceship  - a quest - new report / documentary etc - captain’s log

/warp restaurant  - role play

/warp maze  - giving and taking instructions and direction work

/warp roundtable - role play, quizzes, quests, story making, story telling, research


/warp eldon = free build on a theme - npcs created with command blocks


/warp teardrop isle - a quest for older children or adults, leads to story writing / documentary / news report


/warp escape room  - signs, clues, npcs again


  1. EVO Minecraft


/home wt to start and look around: / warp WhiteTower - chemistry - potions lab 

Compass map on the wall


Fly round

Barn - breed animals for food, leather, wool etc

Abandoned Farmhouse - tell the story / tear the farmhouse down and build a hotel


/warp spawn


Tutorial - instructions are on signs, all of the resources are here, at the end of the tutorial there is a far and you can learn to breed animals, grow crops and sail


Portal to wilderness  - point out all of the portals as a start to the transport hub


 Greetings friend. I'm Santorino, a miner from the nearby village. My brothers and I need your help. Yesterday while mining we found an old tablet with a description of a lost manuscript. If you are willing to help us, please meet my brother near the big map at the EastRiver village, and he will tell you more.


Last outpost

Fly over the path to the village - red and white house - map - lava lake etc fly left of map to teacher area

Fly over jungle mention biomes


/warp bearview - ice spikes , Mattie’s house

/warp pyrpeak


/warp mesa_mineshaft - show minecart  and mobs

Fly south - mushroom forest



spawn point

student services

railway on roof





button from towertop

208 greyham hall

212 olive's room


place of power

global explorer

Icedragon 403 Greyham hall

menger sponge


coral reef


Greyham Hall

North Hall

Memorial Hall




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