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Immersive Week 2

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20 January - 26 January 2020


Live sessions:

Live Session 2.1:  Tuesday, 21 January 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST  (Recording) Annalisa about Edmondo and Craft

Live Session 2.2:  Thursday, 23 January 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST  (Recording) Helena about Kitely, Alicja about GUINEVERE island in OpenSim

Live Session 2.3:  Sunday, 26 January 2020 at 8 pm GMT/ 12 pm PST  (Recording) OpenSim: Barbara McQueen showcases SLESL in Kitely, Jennifer shows us her Virtual Campus in Kitely 


We looked intensely at OpenSim for a complete week, during 3 sessions and several educators who use these worlds with their students showed us there environments. 


Optional Meetup with classmates and at least one instructor for further live exploration of Kitely on Sunday, 26 January at 8pm GMT/ 12 pm PST

(1) Barbara McQueen provides a tour of Edutopia I and Edutopia II she has built for language learning in Kitely.

(2) Jen Hamilton provides quick look at how she has been adapting the free Universal Open Campus to her university's library education needs. 

Original Universal Campus for Open Sims - tour of content 

Changes to Open Campus Design - University of Louisiana at Lafayette for learning in Kitely Sim 



2.1.  Edmondo

Edmondo is a closed OpenSim world maintained by INDIRE, the research institute of the Italian Ministry of Education. In this world school teachers take their students and encourage the students to build. These builds can be replica of real-life builds or imaginary learning towers.

Here are some of the impressions. 




Annalisa builds an Escape the Room game in the OpenSim called Crafts. 



2.2.  ELT Treasure Island on Kitely (General)

by Helena Galani aka Prof Azure.

Helena's presentation Slides are available here


Become a member of our group "ELT Learner Factor" and cruise around the island - hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/ELT Treasure Island/132/127/27


Leveraging whatever affordances are provided in 3D Virtual Worlds, promotes language acquisition and provides meaningful, purposeful, self-determined immersive learning.

Here are some pictures and a machinima from ELT Treasure Island.



2.3.  University of Louisiana at Lafayette for learning in Kitely Sim


Edutopia of SLESL 

Barbara McQueen created magnificent worlds for her learners. She showed us Edutopia I which is designed for beginner levels in English. A world filled with games, visuals, quests, information hubs dealing with grammar or collocations and much more. 










A. Instructions on how to join OpenSim.


Video tutorials 



The following 'How-to' video tutorials help you with getting to know OpenSim using Firestorm


Get Voice working in Firestorm


Making a Profile in Firestorm



The video explains how to add avatars to your contacts


This video deals with different types of communications: IM, Local Chat or Call





The video explains how to create and use landmarks to move easily and quickly


This video shows how to choose the part of the day by the sun position







Get Voice working in Firestorm https://youtu.be/MJ7Ah0pTjy0  
Making a Profile in Firestorm https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R72akmniJyBAxN1w2j2NjqT2eRD_BdL_uU5yvDvt8QU
Communication IM local chat and Call in OS Firestorm viewer



Making Friends in Firestorm


Covered in Above doc
Making and Using Landmarks in Firestorm


Controlling the light in Firestorm


Using the Mini map in Firestorm


Sharing Resources with students or colleagues


Turning up the volume of an individual Avatar in Firestorm


Moving around Guinevere Island







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