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Helena Galani

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Machinima by Helena Galani





i.  Learner-created machinima 

Financial Literacy   https://youtu.be/vTwbE-muSS8  Lessons from teenage EFL learners - learner script
Bringing the L1 school language coursebook to life: "Erophile"

i.  learner/teacher joint machinima https://youtu.be/ZHlj3sFi21s 

ii.  Learner doc http://bit.ly/2snbkIQ  

Transferring L1 literature into English (as a foreign language) - teenage learner script 
CLIL - History/Fiction 

i. learner machinima https://youtu.be/rAaChrsqGdg 

ii. Learner doc http://bit.ly/2tZt136

Transferring L1 fiction into English (as a foreign language) - teenage learner script on 'ELT Treasure Island' 
Simulating real life: "a job interview' learner machinima https://youtu.be/KkTVnIRZRgw Visualising real life situations - teenage learner machinima script & audio recording
Practising Past tenses - "Dinosauria" learner machinima https://youtu.be/-ea_2zJMe94 Teenage EFL learner script





ii. Machinima for TEFL teacher training in Virtual Worlds     
Training language & CLIL teachers in VWs  https://youtu.be/Gwb_0A-pExU  Language lessons & Teacher training on English Village 4, EdMondo 2017 
How to make board games in VWs https://youtu.be/crHxC5vKYb0  Training language teachers 


















Helena Galani (MA ELT, Dip. RSA), 1st Prize CAMELOT Award winner 2015

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