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vLanguages Wiki

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For the EVO session 2020 Immersive Language Learning

in Virtual Worlds >>>click HERE<<<



Welcome to vLanguages (virtual Languages)


If you are a language educator, a researcher or an author/ publisher interested in language teaching and learning in virtual worlds, you have come to the right place. 


vLanguages is an international collaboration effort of universities, colleges, research institutes and language educators that are working together to define and develop freely available best practices, platform and communities of support for virtual worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality, simulations and game-based language learning and training system. 



You will find information on the following subjects: 


I ) How to get started in Second Life 

    A collection of how-to-videos developed by Carol Rainbow for the CAMELOT project

    How to create machinima

II) EduNation, a community of language educators in Second Life and its holodecks

III) EU funded projects






     NEXT-TELL, Avatar, Talk-with-me and others

IV) Research organisations: CALICO, EUROCALL, TESOL's VWIS, 

V) English Course in EdMondo and Methodology Course in EdMondo, a virtual world 

     run by INDIRE in Italy (OpenSim)

VI) Learn It Town, Virtlantis, Edutopia,  and other language schools in virtual worlds

VII) 9th vLanguages 2018

      Annual Symposium on language learning in virtual worlds


IX) Books about language learning in virtual worlds

X) Machinima productions by 

     Carol Rainbow

     Christel Schneider 


     Helena Galani

     Heike Philp

     Ann Nowak

     Dennis Newson 

XI) Ongoing projects, such as:

     ReCALL Special issue on virtual worlds

     Book on “Virtual Worlds: Concepts, Applications and Future Directions”


and other subjects.



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